Knoxville’s Finest Gathercraft Patio Furniture Distributor

The furniture you display on your patio and poolside speaks volumes to your tastes and style. When you want to add stylish furnishings for reasonable prices, your best bet is Gathercraft. As a licensed distributor of their choice patio furniture, we’re proud to offer quality selections at cost-effective prices.

Our inventory includes:
Dining sets

Loungers and rockers
Chairs, chaises, and coffee tables
Cushions and tables
And much more

Gathercraft is known far and wide for being the gold standard of patio furniture. Their innovative designs coupled with comfortable seating options can transform any mundane yard into an oasis. Our associates will be happy to help you select the ideal Gathercraft furnishings for your home and answer all your questions. When you want affordable quality patio furniture, there’s no better place to shop than Mayo Garden Center.

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Durablility And Stylish Designs

Durability and style are key elements in any piece of patio furniture. When you shop at Mayo Garden Center, you can be assured you’ll get both with our fine selections of Gathercraft outdoor living options. Gathercraft has years of experience manufacturing quality metal patio furniture for very reasonable prices. Each item comes with a standard warranty for your peace of mind, and we offer several options for color, style, and fabrics for each furniture piece. Whether you’re looking to lounge with friends by the pool or host your family for a backyard barbecue, our Gathercraft furnishings are the best deal for your money. Find out more about Gathercraft inventory by visiting our showrooms in Knoxville today.

Reliable Craftsmanship

Reliable craftsmanship comes with years of experience, and when you buy from our large selection of Gathercraft patio furniture, you’ll feel the difference. Gathercraft is renowned for its deep-seating options that are durable under direct sunlight, rain, or snow and are fade- and crack-resistant. Their fabrics come in a variety of meshes and combinations that will keep your seating looking great for years to come. Gathercraft specializes in offering affordable outdoor dining furnishing by fabricating quality brushed aluminum chairs, tables, loungers, and more. We’re happy to help you select the items that best fit your needs and your budget. Call us today for more information.

Give Your Patio Some Comfort

Everyone loves lounging on the patio during the summer months, but if your outdoor furnishings are old or in disrepair, you may find your family avoiding the area. We offer exceptional outdoor furniture options at very reasonable prices. Our signature line of Gathercraft tables, couches, loungers, and chairs can accommodate any occasion and are built to withstand years of weathering and use. We carry a wide range of these products in many styles and colors, and we’ll ensure you get the best possible price. Are you looking for a unique Gathercraft furniture piece? We can special order it with ease. Give your patio the comfort your family craves by shopping at Mayo Garden Center today.