Knoxville’s Leading Meadowcraft Furniture Supplier

Meadowcraft is one of the few leading American-made patio furniture suppliers that offers both quality and comfort in every outdoor furnishing design they develop.

Meadowcraft got its start in the early 20th century with wrought iron milling and fabrication and since that time has grown into an outdoor furnishing giant that creates innovative chairs, dining sets, fire pits, and loungers that are beautiful to behold, exceptionally crafted, and extremely comfortable. Meadowcraft stands behind all its products with a manufacturer’s warranty, and we’re proud to partner with them to offer you some excellent patio furniture products for a very reasonable cost. At Mayo Garden Center, we’re more than happy to help you select Meadowcraft furniture pieces that match your style and your budget. Call us for more information or visit our showrooms in Knoxville today.

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Quality Craftsmanship You Can Rely On

What are the markers of quality? When it comes to outdoor furnishings, quality is measured by durability over the years, comfort, style, and structural reliability. Meadowcraft patio furniture meets all these markers with ease. Our line of Meadowcraft furniture is quality-crafted to withstand weathering and fading, is structurally sound to hold almost any weight and constant use, and will feel comfortable and look stylish for years to come.

We carry a huge inventory of Meadowcraft products that include:
Chairs, tables, and dining sets
Loungers, benches, and sofas
Ottomans, end tables, and fire pits
And more

Meadowcraft is renowned for its ability to mix classic designs with modern comfort, and we’re proud to offer a wide selection of their products. We offer the latest Meadowcraft collections at very reasonable prices, and we’re happy to help you make a selection based on your preferences.

American-Made Innovation

Meadowcraft prides itself on offering American-made innovation in outdoor furniture design. Meadowcraft is the leading manufacturer of wrought iron furniture in Alabama and has consistently provided stunning outdoor leisure collections that have garnered acclaim. We feature many Meadowcraft lines as our most popular selections for homeowners in Knoxville, and we’re happy to help you special order any specific item you’d like if it’s not already in our showroom. When you want quality outdoor seating at a fair price, Meadowcraft is your best bet. Would you like to know more? Contact our stores in Knoxville  today.

Dining Sets, Tables, And Fire Pits

When you buy a Meadowcraft piece for your porch or patio, you’re buying quality. Meadowcraft specializes in outdoor dining sets, tables, chairs, loungers, and fire pits. No matter the season or the style you prefer, Meadowcraft carries the products you’ll want to complete your perfect patio layout.

Meadowcraft styles include:
Alexandria (with lumbar support)
Athens (luxury comfort)
Bistro (for smaller spaces)
Cahaba (classic designs)
Cove (modern sectional)
Maddux (classic formal)
And many others

We carry a wide range of Meadowcraft products, and we’re happy to answer your questions regarding them or help you make a selection. Call or visit us today.