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Successful gardening means more than having a green thumb. It means understanding your region and using the best possible techniques and resources to grow your garden.

There are 11 climate zones throughout the world, and each climate zone has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to growing plants, vegetables, and flowers. Fortunately, Tennessee is located in one of the best climate zones when it comes to growing a plethora of foliage. Not only is our growing season longer than many other zones, but we also have the added benefit of a supportive soil base that can grow a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables. At Mayo Garden Center, we take pride in our ability to help homeowners capitalize on our amazing growing season. We offer a wide range of seeds, soil supplements, fertilizers, weed killers, and gardening equipment that can transform any plot of land into a haven that you and your family can enjoy all year long. Call or visit us today.

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Our Growing Season

Tennessee’s growing season is a moderately long one that lasts approximately eight months and has an annual low temperature of 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The first frost typically occurs in early- to mid-October, with the last frost happening around mid-April. Our growing season and climate will not usually see a cold snap after April, allowing gardeners to feel secure about growing their favorite plants and vegetables in mid-spring throughout the fall. At Mayo Garden Center, we’re happy to help you prepare for the growing season. We offer a wide range of quality seed, fertilizers, and soil supplements to help you get a jumpstart on your planting. We also offer a huge selection of gardening power equipment, lawn décor and bird feeders, seeds, and fountains to give your garden a look and feel you’ll love. Find out more by visiting our stores in Knoxville today.

Zone 7 Vegetable Growing

With vegetable growing in zone 7, it’s important to remember you can start by growing your seeds indoors before the first frost. This technique can extend your growing season and lets you plant leafy vegetables like broccoli and carrots twice in the year: spring and summer.

Our climate zone’s best-growing vegetables include:
Brussels sprouts
And more

We offer only the finest seeds, foliage, and saplings, and we can help you prepare your soil, so you get the best possible results. We’ve served gardeners in Knox County for over 140 years, and we’ve built a reputation for quality goods, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. Call us today to learn how we can best serve you.

Zone 7 Flower Growing

Annuals and perennials are both great options for growing in climate zone 7 as long as you keep an eye on the last frost of mid-April. Once the final frost has gone, you can plant any seedlings you’ve started indoors as well as summer flowering bulbs like gladioli and dahlias every few weeks. This can give you a longer growing season and a beautiful garden to behold throughout most of the year. Would you like learn more about growing flowers throughout the season? Contact us today.