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When you grill on a Weber, you know you’re grilling on quality. Weber grills and accessories have been the gold standard of grilling for decades. Weber got its start in 1952 with the innovation of the kettle grill. Since that time, they’ve led the industry in making top-quality grills, smokers, and grilling accessories.

We carry a large inventory of Weber products, and we’re proud to be one their most trusted licensed distributors. We can not only help you find a Weber grill that best suits your needs, we can even assemble it in store to ensure you get to grilling as quickly as possible. Weber stands behind all its products with a wonderful warranty, and our associates are happy to answer your questions or help you make a selection based on your grilling budget. Make your next backyard barbecue a success with a fine Weber grill and get the best deals on Weber grills from your trusted outdoor supply providers at Mayo Garden Center.

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A Legacy of Grilling Expertise

Weber is a name synonymous with grilling. Weber has built a legacy of quality barbecue grills and grilling accessories that can turn any backyard event into a beloved family tradition. With Weber, you can count on getting the right temperatures, perfect sears, and outstanding flavors on your favorite burgers, steaks, ribs, and roasts. Weber also offers a wide range of grilling accessories from digital thermometers and timer apps for your smartphone to smoker compartments, mobility features, and easy-clean functionality. For over 60 years, Weber has consistently won acclaim for its signature grill designs, and we’re proud to offer their finest collections in our showrooms. No matter the size of your yard or the size of your budget, we can help you select a Weber grill that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

The Latest Grills and Grilling Accessories

As a licensed Weber distributor, we have access to more inventory and accessories than most retail outlets. We have grills and grilling accessories that can fit any need, and we offer them at very reasonable prices.

Our Weber inventory includes:
LP Gas grills
Natural Gas grills
Charcoal grills
Electrical grills
Portable grills
Smoker accessories
Grilling tools
Baskets, pans, and thermometers
Mitts, gloves, and other accessories

We’re happy to answer your questions regarding grilling and which Weber grill may best meet your needs. Call or visit us today.

Results You Can Taste

Let’s face it: All grills are not created equal. With Weber grills, you’ll taste the difference. Weber custom-crafts their grills to retain heat longer, provide for a more even sear, and enhance flavor better than any other brand on the market. We offer a wide range of Weber products, and we’re happy to help you select an item that works within your outdoor space. Mayo Garden Center has supplied gardeners and professional landscapers alike with needed equipment, quality seeds, and plantings, and effective outdoor leisure amenities. We take pride in our ability to meet our customers’ needs, and we’ll ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase. Call us or visit our showrooms in Knoxville today.