Knoxville’s Flowering Seed Supplier

Seeds are the start of it all. Without healthy seeds, no amount of care, supplements, or skill will grow the garden you want. For over 140 years, Mayo Garden Center has catered to homeowners by providing quality seeds and soil supplements at cost-effective prices. At Mayo Garden Center, we’re proud to have the largest vegetable and flower seed selection in Eastern Tennessee.

We carry a huge supply of quality vegetable seeds, flowering seeds, bulbs, and fruit seeds that will give your garden color and supply your pantry with flavor. Our team of gardening experts can help you select from any one of our top seed brands that include:

Mayo Seeds

Botanical Interests
Livingston Seeds
and more

We also carry a range of water features, garden décor, and seasonal plantings that will give your yard a look and feel that’s uniquely you. Seed your garden with quality when you purchase your seeds from Mayo Garden Center today.

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Start With Seeds

Every gardener knows the best gardens start with excellent seeds, and you can’t find a finer seed selection than at Mayo Garden Center. For over 140 years, farmers, homeowners, and gardeners have trusted us to supply them with quality seeds and fertilizers. Our grass seed comes from Seed Research, in Oregon. This is the same suppliers for Augusta National. We buy this seed by the tractor trailer load, which makes our prices the lowest in town. We can help your garden prosper and develop into a sight to behold. We also carry a wide range of fertilizers, insecticides, weed control items, and effective gardening equipment to make your garden care less of a chore and more of a delight. Learn more about our amazing inventory of garden care items by visiting us today.

Quality Brands

Are you looking for quality sod? Our sod is grown right here in Tennessee. We also offer quality flowering and vegetable seeds from such fine suppliers as Mayo Seeds, Botanical Interests, and Livingston Seeds. We can help you select seeds, saplings, and seasonal flowers that will work wonders in your yard and give your property real curbside appeal. Put some life into your garden and a spring into the step of any guest who sees your yard. Visit our garden center for our latest seed and flower offerings.

Expert Gardening Guidance

While no one is born a gardening expert, we can certainly help cultivate your skills. Our gardening team is hired for their gardening prowess and knowledge and has a passion for educating homeowners on how best to care for their flowerbeds, foliage, and lawns. We have over 140 years of experience providing quality lawn and garden care items and advice to Tennessee residents, and we’ll ensure your questions are answered quickly. Are you looking for a special item or service? We can help. We carry thousands of brands in store, and we can special order any item you’d like and help to expedite shipping. We offer affordable prices, and our service can’t be beaten. Contact us now.