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Saffire is one of the leading innovators in grilling today, and when you see their signature ceramic grilling stations, you’ll understand why.

Saffire grills utilize ceramics in the grilling process which have multiple advantages over traditional grilling. We offer a wide range of Saffire grills and grilling accessories that can give your next barbecue a boost and ensure your family and friends love their meals. We also carry a large inventory of Saffire merchandise and accessories to help make your grilling time fast and easy. For over 140 years, we’ve supplied homeowners with excellent garden supplies, power equipment, and grilling solutions, and we’re proud to offer you these same great items at cost-effective prices. Call us today for more information.

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The Saffire Difference

What makes Saffire different? It’s unique ceramic grilling process. While most grills today utilize a standard aluminum, steel, or iron mixture of materials to encompass heat and cook meat. Saffire improves on the age-old technique of ceramic firing. This allows for efficient cooking, faster cooking times, and easier grill maintenance. Saffire has been an industry innovator and created the signature “egg” look that so many backyard barbecue enthusiasts are now demanding. Saffire grills offer something no other kamado grill can offer with their patented wood chip feeder. We carry several of their models in various sizes and colors, and we can help you select a model that best fits your needs and your budget. Our grilling experts can also advise you what accessories you may want to purchase to ensure your next barbecue is a success. Call us or visit our showrooms in Knoxville today.

The Advantages of Ceramic Grilling

Saffire’s innovative grill design allows for a number of advantages over traditional grills. Their thick ceramic and high-quality gasket seal creates cooking efficiency and allows for other benefits that include:

Elimination of flare-ups
Minimal production ash
Ease of starting and heating
Less fuel needed for cooking
Improved juiciness and flavor of meats
Several temperature combinations form searing to slow smoking
Safe exterior temperature and much more

Saffire is a barbecue brand that we’re proud to represent, and we offer affordable pricing on Saffire grills and accessories. Our team of associates is ready to answer your questions and ensure your needs are met. When you want quality barbecue equipment and knowledgeable customer service, there’s no better choice than Mayo Garden Center.

Quality Saffire Products at Low Prices

It used to be that grilling was hit or miss. You either owned a cheap grill that barely got the job done, or you went broke buying a quality grill to cook your favorite dishes properly. Owning a quality Saffire grill is easy when you come to Mayo Garden Center. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional grilling products at cost-effective prices. We also offer weekly specials and promotions and easy financing options to match any budget. We have over 140 years of experience serving home and garden enthusiasts in Knox County, and we’ll strive to see you’re satisfied with your purchase. Contact us today to learn how we can best serve you.